Middle Branch Partners

Middle Branch Partners

SPECIALIZED Mergers, Acquisitions & Strategy ADVISORS


Experience that drives value.

We offer alternatives for implementing strategic growth. We identify potential M&A situations and carry them through to completion. We utilize our years of experience and the support of our network to implement strategic opportunities. We are an independent advisor.

Our core areas:

  • Contract manufacturing

  • OEM branded product and devices 

  • MedTech supply chain

With a team that served as CFOs, CEOs and Chairmen of firms across the globe, we know that understanding goals and objectives and making them happen are what counts.  We bring experience, knowledge, and a complete dedication to our client goals.

Why choose us?

  • Active and deep approach to understanding the client’s strategic needs

  • Committed and determined way of seeing projects through to completion successfully

  • Global market knowledge in our core areas

  • Independent advisors

The advisors at Middle Branch Partners relentlessly pursue the possible, and expertly concentrate our resources for optimal outcomes.  We know what works and—more importantly—what doesn’t.

MedTech isn’t standing still; you shouldn’t be either.


About the Name

In a river system, a middle branch both separates and connects. It lies between two streams or rivers while, at its end, it adds power and strength to both. 

At Middle Branch Partners we take this analogy to heart. We work with buyers and sellers to make the sum total greater than its parts. It’s only the presence of a middle branch that can make that happen.